Daily Topical US Economic Sentiment Indices

The added advantage of text- and news-based measures as sources of information for forecasting and assessing the economy is significant. In a recent paper of ours, we present a general methodology, which constitutes the base of the sentometrics R package, to forecast economic variables from news data.

The Economic Policy Uncertainty Index for Flanders, Wallonia and Belgium

The Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) measures the economic risk when the government policy’s future path is uncertain. This index can detect events and trends which correlate, for instance, with economic health and stock market downturns.

The R package sentometrics

The sentometrics package offers an integrated framework for textual sentiment time series aggregation and prediction. It accounts for the intrinsic challenge that textual sentiment can be computed in many different ways, as well as the large number of possibilities to pool sentiment into a time series index.

Introducing the sentometrics field

The advent of massive amounts of textual, audio, and visual data has spurred the development of econometric methodology to transform qualitative sentiment data into quantitative sentiment variables, and to use those variables in an econometric analysis of the relationships between sentiment and other variables.