Café Scientifique IVADO

David Ardia presented recent research projects at Café Scientifique IVADO. Thanks to Alaa Kassem, Thien Duy Tran, and Clément Aymard for their participation!

Webinar at Ran.Données 2022

David Ardia presented a one-hour webinar about Science ouverte at the IVADO Ran.Données 2022. Slides are available here!

Landscape of academic finance

The preliminary version of our paper Landscape of academic finance with the Structural Topic Model has just been released. Using the structural topic model, we present a landscape of academic finance.

Sentometrics presented at the IVADO Digital October 2021 conference

The Sentometrics field was presented at the IVADO Digital October 2021 conference.

Virtual poster at the EC2 conference

Our paper Climate change concerns and the performance of green versus brown stocks was presented at the EC2 2021 conference. Have a look at the video! Check out the paper on this index!

Update to the Belgian (French and Dutch) EPU Index

We have made an update to the Belgian Economic Policy Uncertainty index. This update makes the index much more localized to Belgium and thus less affected by international events (that have no impact on Belgium).

A French introduction to Sentometrics published in

The Sentometrics field is introduced in French in Check out the papers and the indices discussed in the article ! Ardia, D., Bluteau, K., Boudt, K., Inghelbrecht, K.

Our research featured in The New York Times and Les Affaires

Our research on climate change concerns and financial markets has been featured in The New York Times and Les Affaires. Check out the paper on this index! Ardia, D.

Media Abnormal Tone, Earnings Announcements, and the Stock Market

We show that media provide incremental information relative to the information contained in earnings press releases and earnings calls, and on aggregate, market participants overreact to it! The complementary role of the news media stems from their transformation of earnings-related information into a more easily understandable, contextualized, and condensed format and the additional information it can provide given critical contemporary events.

A Century of Economic Policy Uncertainty Through the French-Canadian Lens

Leveraging a historical French-Canadian newspaper data set provided by the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ) as well as a research collaboration with Radio-Canada, we have developed a century-long historical Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) index for the Canadian province of Quebec.